Hot air balloon captive flights


The balloon remains retained on ground by 50 meters long ropes, which enables it to rise in the airs and land at the same point. That allow many people to jump on board (3 peple per flight) and discover the surroundings in a 5 mn flight…

The service


  • The day before the event, we confirm the possibility of flight according to weather conditions. In case of bad weather conditions, we propose to you to defer to another date of your choice, which is not always possible since this kind of demonstration is planned for a particular event you cannot postpone…
  • We arrive at the meeting point before the beginning of the service in order to install the ropes and position the hot-air ballon.
  • You see the preparation and the infaltion of the hot-air balloonVol captif en montgolfiere – Air-Pegasus Montgolfières
  • By group of 3 people, one of our team-member on the ground accompanies your guests to jump on board, the balloon rises 5 mn at 20 meters height before landing again. Again 3 people take place on board and the 3 precedents go down.
  • After a few hours, it is time to pack the material or to untie the ropes and leave for a real flight …


  • Captive hot-air ballon can take-off only when wind speed of less than 16 km/h (10 nds) and without precipitations or turbulences. Even if these conditions can appear very constraining, opportunities to flight are numerous all the year !

When ?

  • Season : all the year !
    Schedules : according to your needs, all the day (there is no constraint since the balloon remains attached on the ground).

Few advices

  • French regulations : If you do not call upon the public by way of press for your event, you are not subjected to declaration, except the one of the owner of the field where the hot-air balloon will flight. However, if your event returns within the framework of the interministerial decree of April 4, 1996 relating to the air shows, you must fill a REQUEST FOR AIR SHOW and send it at the latest 20 days before the show to the aeronautical district of your area.

Acrobat Complete text of the 1996 decree and its appendices (written in french)
Word Request for air show (APPENDIX 2 of the decree – written in French)

If you wish, we can carry out the request for you. In this case, you must fill-in the Excel form below which will enable us to prepare the request for air-show.

Excel Air-Pegasus form for air show

  • You will have also to provide us the following documents :
    – Certificate of insurance for the show,
    – Map of the area,
    – Map of show with position of the hot-air balloon site,
    – Field’ owner authorization.
  • Site : It is necessary to have an area of 50 meters out of 50 meters minimum.
  • Physical condition : There is no particular requirements to jump into a captive hot-air balloon.

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