Hot air balloon flight for people with reduced mobility

Because flights should not have any barriers, we offer balloon flights adapted to people with reduced mobility. Thanks to our gondola equipped with a door, everyone can easily get on board and enjoy an unforgettable experience. The free flight lasts 1 hour, depending on the wind and at various altitudes. Our gondola can accommodate up to two people with reduced mobility and an obligatory accompanying person. The price is indicated per person.


The course of the balloon flight


Preparation of the balloon 

After confirming the flight, and having indicated all the details, we meet at the take-off base. If you wish, you are welcome to participate in the setting up of the balloon. The pilot is with you all along the preparation and takes pleasure in talking to you about the balloon and answering all your questions. He will then give you a short briefing on the operation of the balloon, the course of the flight and the safety position to adopt on landing. If some friends wish to attend your take-off and landing, they are welcome to follow our vehicle which will collect the balloon at the landing.

The flight 

Once you have taken off, only the wind will decide the direction of our ride. You will then be able to defy the laws of weightlessness, gently, just by the breath of the burner. Soon enough, you will become aware of the total safety, the absence of vertigo and the lack of discomfort due to the altitude. You will feel the touch of the trees, a few hundred meters away, and will have all the leisure to discover the villages, the patchworks of fields and meadows, and the numerous wonders, sometimes unsuspected, present at ground level. During your hot air balloon ride, you will also be able to catch sight of local wildlife such as deer, hares and wild boar and it is not uncommon to share the sky with herons, buzzards and partridges.


It is time to land, the pilot defines a suitable area for landing (a field, a path or a road) which is easy to access for the vehicles following us. After landing, it is time to pack up the balloon! You are welcome to help the crew and the pilot. The celebration of this first flight in a hot-air balloon is then made around a glass of champagne and the handing over of a flight certificate. It is then time to get in the car and return to the departure point, at the take-off base, with a lot of memories!


When to fly in a hot-air balloon ?

To fly in a hot-air balloon in good conditions, ballooning can only be done with a maximum wind speed of 18 km/h, without precipitation or turbulences. The best time for a balloon flight is early in the morning (at sunrise) and at the end of the day (2 to 3 hours before sunset).


Prices for a balloon flight for people with reduced mobility

The price of a balloon flight for a person with reduced mobility is 210 € for an adult and 150 € for a child. They must be done with a companion.

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